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Superboy participated in an espionage operation, sanctioned by Earthgov, to infiltrate the provincial administration of Governor Deregon of Australia, due to anxieties about the rebellious official's talk of fomenting a war, the first Earth would have experienced in 200 years. Ultimately, it was uncovered that Deregon was a Dark Circle operative grasping for a cassus belli to use against Earthgov and initiate World War VII. Once exposed, Deregon activated a doomsday device that would destroy a sizeable chunk of the Earth, which was defused by Chemical King at the cost of his life.[94] Wildfire then appointed a team consisting of Superboy, Mon-El, Timber Wolf, Dawnstar, and himself to besiege the Dark Circle homeworld to capture Deregon and bring him to justice back on Earth. Although Superboy and his fellow Legionnaires encountered the full force of the Dark Circle fleet and fought their way to the main fortress on the ground, it was Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad, while off-duty in a 30th-century Smallville amusement park, who stumbled upon Deregon's hiding place and apprehended the treasonous vermin, barely restraining themselves from breaking the Legion Code and exacting personal revenge for Chemical King's death. Superboy and his team were recalled to Earth by Light Lass once it became apparent that Deregon was not on the planet they were attacking.[95] Superboy appeared on the planet Remor for an award ceremony held by the planetary natives when the mining world was suddenly hit by a wave of violent tremors. Superboy and fellow Legionnaires Dream Girl, Element Lad, Brainiac 5, and Sun Boy learned from the alien wizard Sden that the tremors were caused because a magic crystal fashioned by Mordru became embedded in Remor's crust and implored them to retrieve it for him. However, Dream Girl sensed with her precognitive powers that Sden intended to use the crystal to increase the frequency and magnitude of the seismic waves out of malice and that his ultimate ambition was to use its power to defeat both Mordru and the LSH and rule over the U.P. Consequently, the Legion tricked Sden into revealing his true intentions, took him prisoner to be sent to Takron-Galtos, and turned the crystal over to Superboy to take to the 20th century for safekeeping.[96] Back in his own time period and on his own planet, Clark joined Lana Lang, Pete Ross, and Tony Gordon in supervising the children at a Smallville summer camp as a counselor. Unbeknownst to him, Tony's little sister Barbara was one of the children at the camp and inadvertently used Mordru's crystal to bequeath herself mystical copies of Superboy's powers. After endangering counselors, other children, and herself with her newfound abilities, Barbara turned back to normal when Clark discreetly switched to Superboy and destroyed the crystal in the Sun. Although momentarily distraught by the loss of her super-powers, Barbara cheered up when Superboy told her that being a superhero would require discipline, training, and patience, and that she could not simply "wish" herself into being one. This encounter would leave a lasting impression on young Barbara, inspiring her years later when she took up the cape and cowl of Batgirl.[97]

Mon Impression : Justice League Saga 24



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