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Regina From Teen Pink

"Mean Girls" is at the top of the list of classic teen flicks that have stood the test of time. According to The Miami Hurricane, the unforgettable 2003 film has left a lasting influence on pop culture with punchy one-liners like, "On Wednesdays, we wear pink," to its accurate portrayal of high school drama. The movie's message is to be yourself, and that kindness beats popularity at the end of the day.

regina from teen pink

Most pop culture fans and fashion lovers talk about how the influence of "Mean Girls" fashion. The group of popular girls, known as The Plastics, had a unique style. When it came to queen bee Regina George, she wore romantic colors in pink, red, black, and purple and favored short skirts (via ModernGurlz on YouTube). Regina George comes from an affluent family, which explains her expensive designer purses, flashy car, and opulent mansion. Her luxurious bedroom design is no exception. Pops of pink, a canopy bed, and the infamous "Burn Book" are just a few details inside the queen bee's fabulous living space. Want to bring Regina's signature decor style to your home? Follow these chic decorating tips and tricks for a "so fetch" bedroom.

At the foot of Regina's bed, there's a bench with multiple pillows to sit and rest. Benches are perfect decor for other parts of the home. Place one in the entryway for family members to put on their shoes or coats. Add an element of softness to your interiors by finding a cushioned bench in a shade of peony pink. Check out this Madelyn Rectangle Storage Ottoman from Wayfair. Even Regina would find this piece fetch.

For those who prefer a romantic vibe, purchase pastel pink canopy curtains. This shade will fit the "Mean Girl" aesthetic well. Go the rustic country route by incorporating plain wooden headboards with minimal designs. Buy a four-poster bed made with dark wood grain for a moody effect. Look into four-poster beds with dramatic bed posts, such as the Kingstown Four Poster Bed from Wayfair.

When Regina's mother brings in mocktails for the girls to enjoy, movie viewers get a glimpse of Regina's antique dresser. The dresser is gold with drawers and an attached mirror with purple trim, showing Regina's love of romantic colors. The dresser features flowers, framed photos, lamps, and a Hello Kitty doll. Antique dressers add a sense of charm and functionality, per Love Our Real Life. Mirrors on dressers make the room brighter and create the illusion of more space. Mirrors on short, wide dressers look better compared to ones on tall, vertical dressers. They add height without looking crowded. This cottagecore-inspired dresser from Amazon will look fantastic with hot pink curtains draped over the mirror to stay with an inspired Regina look.

Want to dress up your dresser? Place two lamps on top of an antique dresser to create balance and space (via Old World Home on YouTube). These Bohemian lamps from Amazon with decorated bodies in pink shades are "Mean Girls" style. If you want to stick with modern furniture in your primary bedroom, place mirrored antique dressers in a guest bedroom. These pieces are perfect for guests who need a place to store their clothing and check out their outfits before heading out the door.

Designer Sarah Palacios told the Los Angeles Times, "It's all about making things feel like one-of-a-kind pieces. Patchwork makes them become more like collectibles. It has a relaxed feeling to it." If the living room has painted white walls with dark wood flooring, break the monotony by styling the living room with this Masmoudi Sofa Bed from Wayfair. The boldly colored patterned sofa is eye-catching and sure to be a conversation starter. For people who want to work with small patchwork accessories, check out the SVARTHÖ cushion cover from IKEA in pink and beige. The pattern looks like what Regina would use in her own bedroom. You can use the cover for a pillow and place it on top of a bed or a white sofa in the living room.

If you want to create a cozy space or reading nook in the living room, get creative by using two to three colors from the artwork poster prints. To create an aesthetic Regina would love, hang up posters with shades of red, pink, and purple. This Y2K Décor Cherry Bomb Print from Etsy will work for an apartment with an artsy chic vibe or for someone who loves pop art. It will look nice against a blank wall or hung next to kitschy art pieces. Match the living room decor to the colors by adding a red couch with patterned cushions and throw pillows in pink or purple. You can also play with texture by purchasing cotton, satin, or wool throw pillows.

For additional structure, drill plywood to the back of the mantel. Ensure the mantel is level by marking the studs in the wall. You can secure the mantel by drilling into the wall. Screw the surround into the plywood, and snap the cover into the surround. Then, connect both parts properly together with wiring. Alternatively, you can go the no-fuss route by purchasing the Granville Mantel Electric Fireplace from Home Depot. Take your faux fireplace to the next level with a Regina-inspired look by adding pink faux roses to vases or a pink velvet mantel covering. These decorating tips and tricks will transform your home into a chic "Mean Girls"-approved space in no time. All you need are pretty colors, some accessories, and a little creativity.

Mean Girls is a 2004 American teen comedy film directed by Mark Waters, written by Tina Fey, and starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried (in her film debut), Tim Meadows, Ana Gasteyer, Amy Poehler and Fey. The supporting cast includes Lizzy Caplan, Jonathan Bennett, Daniel Franzese and Neil Flynn. The screenplay is based in part on Rosalind Wiseman's 2002 book Queen Bees and Wannabes, which describes female high school social cliques, school bullying and the damaging effect they can have on teenagers. Fey also drew from her own experience at Upper Darby High School as an inspiration for some of the concepts in the film.[3] The plot centers on a naïve teenage girl navigating her way through the social hierarchy of a modern American high school after years of her parents homeschooling her while conducting research in Africa.

Mean Girls has become a pop culture phenomenon.[36][37][38] Fans have made GIFs and memes of the film and posted them on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.[39][40][41][42] It is considered one of the most quotable movies of all time.[43][44][45][46] In an interview about the film, Fey noted: "Adults find it funny. They are the ones who are laughing. Young people watch it like a reality show. It's much too close to their real experiences so they are not exactly guffawing."[47] October 3rd has been dubbed "Mean Girls Day" on social media, alluding to a line by Cady, the protagonist. People also celebrate by wearing pink based on a line by Karen, another character. Clothing designers have printed quotes and other iconic imagery from the movie onto clothing and other merchandise.[48]

In August 2020, Screen Junkies released a Honest Trailers episode on the film calling it "the best thing to come out of that era," with Screen Rant's Daniel Gillespie saying: "Mean Girls remains entertaining, funny, and, most importantly, accurate. [...] That relevance almost two decades later proves that Mean Girls is deserving of its classic status,"[89] and Slashfilm's Ethan Anderton writing that the "generation-defining high school movie" not only captures the teenage culture of the early 2000s perfectly, "but it's also hilariously clever for being adapted from a non-fiction parenting advice book [...] Mean Girls is great because it captures that cruel teen vibe perfectly, and it tries to deliver a nice wholesome message to fight it, which kids will laugh at, agree with, and then never do anything about."[90] In September 2020, the Pillsbury Company released a limited edition of Toaster Strudel featuring pink icing and Mean Girls packaging to pay homage to its movie-claimed inventor's daughter, Gretchen Wieners.[91]

After getting a makeover from her new friends, Cady walked down the school hallway wearing a pastel plaid miniskirt paired with a coordinating tank top and jacket. She completed the look with a colorful Louis Vuitton purse and pink pumps.

Lovely black and pink girl's bedroom is lit by a Regina Andrew Malibu Chandelier hung from a vaulted plank ceiling over a pink rug placed beneath a black velvet French bed. The bed is dressed in white and gray bedding topped with layered gray and pink pillows and is flanked by white distressed nightstand lit by sconces mounted to a pale pink accent wall.

After being hit by a school bus, Regina George is forced to wear a back brace to Spring Fling, which distracts from her simple pink satin minidress. She completed the look by adding pink flowers to the halo. 041b061a72


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