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NativeExcel V3.1 For Delphi Rio Fix

It's difficult to say how many LOC "my" application has, because as I said I always compile 3rd party libs / components. With that, the largest one (I think) builds 1.843 million lines of code, another one gets to 1.074 million LOC. But since I have no idea how much of that is 3rd party stuff (JCL, JVCL, TeeChart, FastReport, ccpack, ccrexif, tComport, DSpack, DSPmaster, dxgettext, gdiplus, GraphicEx, graphics32, Indy10, jedimath,mtxvec, nativeexcel, synedit, tdbf, tregexpr, VirtualTreeView), I can't really say how much of that is our own code.

NativeExcel v3.1 for Delphi Rio

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