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Feels Like Home

"Feels like Home" is a song written by Randy Newman for the musical Randy Newman's Faust, in which Bonnie Raitt sang it. Linda Ronstadt, also involved in the musical, recorded it for Trio II in 1994 and released it on her solo album Feels like Home in March 1995. Raitt's version was released on the musical's album soundtrack in September 1995 and was also used the following year in the soundtrack to the film Michael. Linda Ronstadt's original version, with Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton, the latter of whom was mixed out of Ronstadt's original release due to label disputes, was released in 1999.

Feels Like Home

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Linda Ronstadt's "Feels Like Home" is an album of loves for the high desert of Sonora and her hometown of Tucson, shown through photos by Bill Stein and pages of her own recollections of family and friends and even - or maybe that's especially - recipes that bring family and friends together with echoes of each other.

RONSTADT: That was one of my favorite things to do. Somebody finds a good site on somebody's ranch or out in the country somewhere. And you make a mesquite fire and put a grill on it. And there's conversation that goes on and - cracks about the food. And then, somebody gets out a guitar. And you start playing a little bit. Pretty soon, they're singing a song we know, and everybody starts to harmonize. And it's not a performance. It's not like being on stage. It's just being there in the room or in the - under the trees with good food and good friends. When we were kids, we didn't have to be sent off to bed. My dad would start to sing, and we'd know we were up for another good hour.

RONSTADT: No, it takes forever. It doesn't take as long to get into Mexico, but it takes a while. And then, coming back is - there's just a line for a mile of trucks waiting to get inspected on the way across the border. And then, there's razor wire at the border. And Nogales is the one border town that I've seen the most of. It was just a pretty, little town - you know? - like, sort of hilly. And now it's got razor wire everywhere that's trapping little animals and dangerous for children.

RONSTADT: Oh, get to know your neighbors. You might be surprised at how much you like them. It's so unfair. There are - people that come - that make that trip - it's so dangerous to get - and if you come from El Salvador, my gosh. You have to go through one, two, three countries to get here. And they are having a terrible drought. People are starving. And they're going to go someplace to survive. They want to live. They want to feed their families.

RONSTADT: And then, when I go home to my family, I can't sing at all. And that was what held us together - you know? - 'cause some people in my family are Republicans. So I didn't hold it against them as long as we could sing together.

SIMON: Well, people miss you singing, but we like you're talking, too. So while I have the chance, everybody listening can make this recipe in your book. I'm going to do it, like, in the next few hours - El Minuto's cheese crisps.

RONSTADT: Well, I think it's been there for a long time before I was there, and it's going to be for a long time after I'm here. So it's sort of humbling. I like to be able to see for a long distance 'cause I don't like living in a forest 'cause I can't see what's coming up on me. I love the mountains. This way I can tell where I am. If I'm going to places, like Ohio, with no mountains, I don't know how to orient myself in space.

It may be far too obvious to even mention that Norah Jones' follow-up to her 18-million-unit-selling, eight-Grammy-winning, genre-bending, super-smash album Come Away with Me has perhaps a bit too much to live up to. But that's probably the biggest conundrum for Jones: having to follow up the phenomenal success of an album that was never designed to be so hugely popular in the first place. Come Away with Me was a little album by an unknown pianist/vocalist who attempted to mix jazz, country, and folk in an acoustic setting -- who knew? Feels Like Home could be seen as "Come Away with Me Again" if not for that fact that it's actually better. Smartly following the template forged by Jones and producer Arif Mardin, there is the intimate single "Sunrise," some reworked cover tunes, some interesting originals, and one ostensible jazz standard. These are all good things, for also like its predecessor, Feels Like Home is a soft and amiable album that frames Jones' soft-focus Aretha Franklin voice with a group of songs that are as classy as they are quiet. Granted, not unlike the dippy albeit catchy hit "Don't Know Why," they often portend deep thoughts but come off in the end more like heartfelt daydreams. Of course, Jones could sing the phone book and make it sound deep, and that's what's going to keep listeners coming back.

What's surprising here are the bluesy, more jaunty songs that really dig into the country stylings only hinted at on Come Away with Me. To these ends, the infectious shuffle of "What Am I to You?" finds Jones truly coming into her own as a blues singer as well as a writer. Her voice has developed a spine-tingling breathy scratch that pulls on your ear as she rises to the chorus. Similarly, "Toes" and "Carnival Town" -- co-written by bassist Lee Alexander and Jones -- are pure '70s singer/songwriting that call to mind a mix of Rickie Lee Jones and k.d. lang. Throw in covers of Tom Waits and Townes Van Zandt along with Duke Ellington's "Melancholia," retitled here "Don't Miss You at All" and featuring lyrics by Jones, and you've got an album so blessed with superb songwriting that Jones' vocals almost push the line into too much of a good thing. Thankfully, there is also a rawness and organic soulfulness in the production that's refreshing. No digital pitch correction was employed in the studio and you can sometimes catch Jones hitting an endearingly sour note. She also seems to be making good on her stated desire to remain a part of a band. Most all of her sidemen, who've worked with the likes of Tom Waits and Cassandra Wilson, get writing credits. It's a "beauty and the beast" style partnership that harks back to the best Brill Building-style intentions and makes for a quietly experimental and well-balanced album.

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