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[S12E18] Baby Got Black ((HOT))

The next day, an enraged Chris mopes over Pam as he questions whether he will ever find anyone else, and he decides to find Pam and run away with her. Meg finds a note detailing Chris' and Pam's plans and tells Peter and Jerome. As Chris and Pam hide out in a motel, they reluctantly admit to each other their shared inexperience with sex. As Peter, Jerome, and Meg cruise town, they are pulled over by a cop who harasses Jerome for no reason, and Peter becomes sympathetic to Jerome having to deal with racist abuse on a constant basis. Jerome tells Peter that he can't trust white people in general and that he's being protective of his daughter, but that he's OK with Peter himself. They arrive at the motel to find Chris and Pam making out. Jerome is initially angry, but becomes taken aback when Peter sincerely says that Jerome's message of keeping races separate is correct and that Chris shouldn't even talk to black people anymore. When Peter and Pam both ask Jerome if that's the right lesson here, Jerome apologizes for overreacting and gives Pam and Chris his blessing to date, though both he and Peter are relieved that their kids did not have sex with each other (Chris apparently did a tuck with his penis that rendered the chances of lovemaking nil). Peter then invites Jerome to help him kill a completely wasted Randy Quaid who is passed out on the other bed in the motel room.

[S12E18] Baby Got Black

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When Peter takes Stewie to the park for some quality father-son time, he mistakenly takes the wrong baby home, prompting Lois to call him an idiot. Determined to prove to her that he's a responsible adult, Peter goes on a business trip to Chicago and returns as an intelligent, classy person.

When Peter and Chris interrupt Stewie's TV time, the angry baby goes back in time to break up Peter and Lois, so he's never conceived. But instead, he is reborn into a "Downton Abbey"-esque British household.

Ben has to go now as the baby's lost almost his entire blood volume. Andrew can't get a pulse. April arrives to answer her page. Andrew keeps going as nurses arrive. They help out as Bailey says they need Robbins and a clear OR now. She switches with Andrew and wonders who butchered this patient, and then recognizes her as Gretchen McKay.

Gage apologizes to his mother. He was scared about the peritonsillar abscess. Alex says he can easily fix it, and he'll feel better after. He asks Gage not to run away. Ben then runs by the room with the blood-covered baby in his hand. Alex leaves to run after him.

Alex checks on the baby in the NICU. He's not oxygenating and he asks to have neuro and cardio paged. Alex asks how far along the mother was. Ben thinks 34 weeks. He says it was a delayed placental abruption. Alex needs to know more.

Penny finds Stephanie and Jo outside Bailey's office and tells them that the McKay baby is on an oscillator. It's hard to watch. Jo offers her some chips. Jo wonders why he did it. Penny guesses he felt like they had no choice as they didn't know how long they'd be stuck. Penny gets paged to the NICU. Stephanie says surgery is a drug, and operating outside the OR is mainlining. Richard comes over. Jo says Ben is a level-head. Stephanie reminds her that he used a clipboard before to cut open a patient. They both think they'd be fired, but Ben's married to the Chief. Maybe he's invincible. They then see Richard and walk off, feeling awkward.

Penny, Nathan, Amelia, and Alex are working on the baby. Nathan says he needs to go on ECMO as it's the baby's only chance. Since the parents are both in the OR, they don't need parental consent. Nathan makes a cut in the baby's neck.

Flashback. In the trauma room, Arizona tells Gretchen the baby is strong. She's happy to hear that and says they chose to temporarily name the baby Cosmo, because it took 3 cosmopolitans at a boring partner dinner for the baby to be conceived. Ben comes in and tells Gretchen Omar is on his way to surgery. Gretchen's daughter Jasmine comes in and gives her mother her brother's tooth that she helped to pull out. Arizona says they'll get her to CT first, then OB. She can meet her kids back there. Gretchen tells Jasmine she's in charge. Arizona asks Ben to page her when the scans are done.

Meredith meets up with Bailey outside the NICU. Meredith informs her Omar made it. Bailey tells her Gretchen didn't. They both hate it when it's babies. Meredith touches Bailey's shoulder before walking off. Bailey enters the NICU, where Alex and his colleagues have failed to save the baby. Nathan shuts off the monitor and leaves. Amelia and Alex wrap the baby in a blanket.

Flashback. Once they realize they're stuck, Andrew pages April and Arizona. Ben promises Gretchen he's not going anywhere. They just have to wait it out a little longer. Gretchen asks him if her baby's going to die.

Flashback. Ben promises Gretchen he's not going anywhere. She asks him if her baby's going to die. He says no. They're just a little stuck. Gretchen asks him to save the baby over her. She knows he's doing his best, but just in case. He asks her to keep breathing, but she soon loses consciousness. Ben asks DeLuca for a crash cart. He finds one. He takes supplies from the cart to cut her open, because they have no other choice. Her heart is about to stop and if it does, they lose both Gretchen and the baby. Andrew says he paged people, so they're coming. Ben says they're in lockdown so they can't reach them in time.

Gretchen, 35, came into the hospital after a car accident. She was 34 weeks pregnant and complaining of abdominal pain. Her BP dropped in the trauma room, so they moved her onto her side, which brought it back up. Arizona came in to examine her and said they both looked healthy, but she ordered a CT to confirm. She was taken for the CT, which was clear, so they starting moving her to OB. She was in pain, so they propped her up more. On the way to OB, the hospital was locked down for a code pink just as they lost the baby's heartbeat. Ben had Andrew find a crash cart and he made the decision to do a crash c-section in the hallway. He cut into her abdomen and quickly removed her baby. After her emergency c-section, Gretchen was bleeding heavily. She was rushed into surgery. Arizona worked to stop the bleeding, but the loss was too great and she was pronounced dead in the OR at 17:02.

I had misgivings about a Densi baby as far back as I can remember. Never really believed it would become serious. I thought they had Kensi getting desperate much too soon. It felt like the writers were clutching at straws.

Alex is furiously trying to save the life of the newborn Ben delivered via emergency C-section during the lockdown. He demands to know what happened, and Warren explains he had to do the procedure in those conditions to save the mother and baby. Alex tersely replies they still might lose them both. Chief Bailey walks in, assesses the situation, and tries to pull her husband aside, but Ben brushes her off, not wanting to leave until the infant is out of danger. "Dr. Warren, I'm not asking; Come with me, right now!" she commands. 041b061a72


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