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[S1E20] House Of Masks House Of Pursuit __TOP__

Henry Ian Cusick played a graphic artist named Erik Weber in the first two episodes.[18] Joan Cusack played the mother of two missing girls in the first episode.[19] Jennifer Love Hewitt played a rape victim afraid to leave her house in the episode "Behave". Baer told, "One of the reasons we wanted to do this episode is because it addresses Mariska Hargitay's passion for rape kits, which can help gather evidence to convict the rapists. But for some reason these kits have been sitting around unopened in cities all over the country."[20] Skeet Ulrich guest-starred in the same episode as his Law & Order: LA character, Detective Rex Winters.[5] Gloria Reuben guest starred as US Attorney Christine Danielson in the fourth episode "Merchandise", in which the death of a girl who was struck by a car reveals a child trafficking and slavery ring. Baer said of her appearance, "We're bringing back characters we love this season."[3]

[S1E20] House of Masks House of Pursuit


With young Calvin Arliss (Charlie Tahan) in her care, Benson claims to be searching for his drug-addict mother Vivian (Maria Bello). However, Stabler begins to question this after noticing the bond forming between Olivia and Calvin. After collaring two paramedics (Mike Starr and James Martinez) for violating an intoxicated partygoer (Shea Glaser) on the way to the hospital, the SVU discovers that Vivian was at an open house attended by the paramedics. Captain Cragen assigns Tutuola and Munch to the case, but Benson gets involved against his orders, leading to heartbreak for Olivia.

Soon after, Ethel and Bernie introduce themselves at the door. After they take a picture of them and the Wattersons, Ethel explains that she and Bernie are making a travel map of where they have been. She reveals that they are the first tourists in over twenty years to arrive in Elmore, an event so notable that the town had built statues of those travelers, with an engravement that stated that they were trying to get out of town. After noticing that the inside bears little resemblance to the ad that the Wattersons posted, Nicole shows that the ad actually featured a close up of a framed photo in the living room. It is also revealed that everything the Wattersons put on the ad was exaggerated such as having cable TV (a telescope spying on the neighbor's television), air conditioning (a fan with ice cubes taped over it) and a hot tub (a pot with warm water with Anais making the bubbles). Just as the Wattersons leave the house, Bernie tries to ask them if the house is soundproof due to them having a rare ailment. Before he can elaborate further, the family leaves, and after seeing Wunderklopp exiting the house the goats freeze and faint.

Later, it is shown that the Wattersons continue living in the house in secret. First, when Ethel looks in the refrigerator, she notices that both the meat and cheese do not have any insides, along with only the outer shell of the microwave left. It is shown that Richard has been cooking this food rather precariously with the half-microwave. Then, when Bernie is taking a shower, he notices that he can not wash out the shampoo, and it turns out that Richard is distracting him while he takes a shower. Later that evening when Ethel orders a pizza, Nicole uses her claws to cut a hole in the bottom to take the pizza. Later, as Bernie tries eat a potato chip, Gumball and Darwin hit it so someone else can get the chip. Then Ethel is on the computer which surprises Bernie as Ethel said that voices in her mind had told her to do it, not knowing that it was actually Gumball and Darwin who were secretly telling her to go online. The next morning Bernie comes out of the bathroom with Richard behind him as he sheds a tear. Later, as Ethel is cleaning up the table, she hears a sound but dismisses it, not knowing that it was Wunderklopp under the table. Later that night, as the Wattersons begin to eat the food Bernie bought, Bernie comes into the kitchen without his glasses on and heads to the counter to get a glass of water. To make sure Bernie does not know that they are in the kitchen, the family makes sounds of inanimate objects. However, Richard responds aloud a loquacious description of a black forest cake. Thankfully, this does not aurous any suspicion in Bernie.

After dressing them up, the Wattersons take Bernie and Ethel to tourist attractions over Elmore and take photos of them, such as a baseball game, a roller coaster, the mall, the park where the statues of the last tourists are, and Joyful Burger. However, the Dolphin Man appears in the latter and seems to have a issue with Bernie as he explains that the car he sold him was a lemon and demands his money back. When Bernie does not reply, the Dolphin Man tries to punch him, only to miss and take a direct punch to his own face; after which the family continue their scam. The family takes them back home where they pretend Bernie and Ethel are at the beach, swimming in the ocean, and sky diving. Afterward, Nicole forges a positive review for their house, giving it five stars. Later as the family begins to drag Bernie and Ethel to the train to drop them off, Bernie and Ethel come to and question what they are doing. Gumball explains that the goats were hibernating but Bernie explains that when they are surprised, they faint. Then, Gumball shows them their map of everywhere they went on their holiday. At first, Bernie and Ethel seem to be suspicious, but they decide that they must have just forgotten the fun time they had and give Nicole the money.

After Amity invites her all friends to an annual Moonlight Conjuring, except for Willow. Both Willow and Gus are upset about the news, but Luz offers to have their own Moonlight Conjuring with Eda's permission. Unfortunately, Eda says no. Unable to bring her friends the bad news, Luz sneaks Willow and Gus into the Owl House later that night while Eda leaves for the Night Market. Since this is the trio's first time in a Moonlight Conjuring, they decide, at Gus' request, to animate an action figure. However, the trio unknowingly animate the Owl House instead. The trio realize they can control the Owl House's movement with lunar magic and go for a short joyride, scaring Boscha in the process. Luz then suggests to the trio that they should return the house, but Willow and Gus urge their human friend to show off to Amity. Suddenly, the Owl House is captured by demon hunters, and the trio gets thrown over a cliff. While precariously hanging from a branch, Willow apologizes for letting Amity get to her and admits that she was once friends with her. Luz assures Willow that she too is a powerful witch, and that animating a house was no small feat. Regaining her confidence, Willow uses her plant magic to free herself and her friends, fight off the hunters, and save the Owl House. The three manage to return the house to its original location, and when Luz is about to get punished by Eda, Willow and Gus take responsibility for egging the human on. Their punishment is to clean the house.[5]

A couple of weeks later, Willow, Gus, and Amity welcome Luz back to Hexside, However, the reunion doesn't last long, as Amity's parents force Principal Bump to expel Luz, Gus, and Willow for supposedly distracting Amity. They try to sneak back into school in vain, only making Bump more continually upset. Eventually, Willow's fathers find out about her expulsion and drag her home, where they decide to homeschool her. Later that night, Gus and Amity inform her that they need her in order to rescue Luz from potentially being killed at the Blight Industries demonstration, and with a little help from one of her fathers, Willow is able to sneak away. On the grounds of Blight Industries Edric and Emira disguise the three with cloaks, and they infiltrate the warehouse. While Amity is able to elude capture, Willow and Gus are restrained. After Amity saves Luz and gets her mother to stop the demonstration, she, Luz, Willow, and Gus leave and are allowed back into Hexside.[13]

After Luz has a semi-successful attempt at building a new portal, she does not tell Willow or their other friends about the experience and they soon theorize about what Belos looks like behind his mask. Later that day, Amity comes to Willow's house for advice on what she should do with Luz, sensing that she is lying about what really happened with the portal, but not wanting to invade Luz's privacy over the matter. Willow agrees to help, but only if Amity braids her hair. When the Emperor reveals his face during the Coven Day Parade, Willow and Gus are underwhelmed by his appearance.[17]

However, it is not without another consequence, as the Collector wishes to play "Owl House" with them. As they deconstruct the quarters and matter around the Titan's head, Willow and the others head through the portal to the Human Realm, seeing no other option left. Luz wishes to stay behind and rescue Eda, but King forces her through with his sonic shout. On earth, the portal door closes, leaving the kids stranded all while copious amounts of rain pour around them. Luz then takes Willow and the others to her house, where they meet Camila for the first time.[20]

Shortly before Halloween, she, Amity, Gus, Vee, and Hunter are practicing Spanish in the Old House when Camila says she is going to pick up Luz from school. After Camila leaves, Amity suggests they need to do more to get home and Willow misinterprets the group helping out more around the house. After Amity gives a speech on the five looking for a way back without Luz, Amity trips in a hole Flapjack made, and finds in the hole a map with pictures that the group decides to decipher. The following day she, Amity, Vee, and Gus disguise themselves as humans head into town, with Hunter staying due to him cosplaying as a character from Cosmic Frontier. She briefly flirts with him before leaving.

After Willow and her friends become stranded in the Human Realm, Camila welcomes her and the others into her home. She is treated kindly by Luz's mother and is even given a camera by Camila that started her interest in photography in the Human Realm. After Amity says they can do more to get back home, Willow and the others misinterpret this as needing to help out more around the Noceda House, and she suggests fixing up the house's garden, showing that Willow wishes to return Camila's gratitude. 041b061a72


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