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The Chor Bazaari Movie Download In Hindi Kickass - SoundCloud

The Chor Bazaari Movie Download in Hindi Kickass: How to Watch This Comedy Film Online

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining movie to watch, you might want to check out the Chor Bazaari movie download in hindi kickass. This is a 2015 comedy film that tells the story of a thief who falls in love with the daughter of a police inspector. The movie is full of hilarious situations, romance, and action. In this article, we will tell you what the movie is about, why you should download it from kickass torrents, how to do it, and what are some alternatives to kickass torrents for downloading movies.

the Chor Bazaari movie download in hindi kickass


What is Chor Bazaari Movie About?

Chor Bazaari is a Hindi comedy film that was directed by Rajiv S. Ruia and written by Ankkit Narrayan. The movie stars Govardhan Asrani, Kurush Deboo, Manoj Joshi, Rajkumar Kanojia, Ankkit Narrayan, Hemant Pandey, Ipsita Pati, Murli Sharma, Janvi Singh, Upasana Singh, Tiku Talsania, and Mukesh Tiwari. The movie was released on May 29, 2015 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

The Plot of Chor Bazaari Movie

The movie revolves around Charlie (Ankkit Narrayan), a thief who belongs to a family of thieves. He lives in Chor Bazaar, a place notorious for stolen goods. He falls in love with Neha (Ipsita Pati), the daughter of a police inspector (Manoj Joshi). However, their love story faces many obstacles as Neha's father is determined to catch Charlie and his family. Meanwhile, Charlie also gets involved in a diamond heist that puts him in trouble with a gangster (Mukesh Tiwari). How will Charlie and Neha overcome these challenges and live happily ever after?

The Cast and Crew of Chor Bazaari Movie

The movie features a talented cast of actors who have done justice to their roles. Here are some of the main actors and their characters:



Ankkit Narrayan


Ipsita Pati


Manoj Joshi

Neha's father

Mukesh Tiwari


Govardhan Asrani

Charlie's grandfather

Kurush Deboo

Charlie's uncle

Rajkumar Kanojia

Charlie's friend

Hemant Pandey

Police constable

Murli Sharma

Diamond dealer

Janvi Singh

A Muslim girl

Upasana Singh

Neha's aunt

Tiku Talsania

Neha's uncle b70169992d


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