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Adrian Foster
Adrian Foster

Itprotv vs CBT Nuggets Download -- What You Need to Know Before You Sign Up for Online IT Training Providers

in this cisco ccna video post, i review and answer the question is it worth the monthly subscription fee or not ill do that by investigating the content on the site and comparing it with similar services such as ine (internetwork expert) and cbt nuggets. see below for video and full text review.

Itprotv Vs Cbt Nuggets Download --

cisco net academy delivered the highest quality training to this person although the content of the training available was poor in the itprotv and cbt nuggets offerings. sure we all liked the graphical content and compelling messaging of cisco net academy and it was as good as it gets when it came to callbox. however, i dont think cisco net academy delivered high quality training and it was repurposed for itprotv and cbt nuggets. in other words, the quality of content over delivery was less than stellar.

you know, its interesting how a small piece of content can have huge impact. in my case, i was presented with multiple ways of looking at a single issue and ended up taking what mattered to me the most in a smaller amount of time.

the 1,500% roi figure represents pipeline generated off of the first round of phone calls to convert to opportunities. in less than five months, content syndication paid off extremely well for the itprotv sales and marketing machine but this doesnt yet take into account the roi from downstream output from lead nurture. surely more positive results are expected as valeries team continues to crank out awesome content for campaigns and robust nurture emails with webinars and articles.

learning nuggets are small units of knowledge that together are part of a larger educational content. they are interconnected as they are part of a single lesson. they are usually short (5 minutes approximately) and the goal is to develop a concept that leads to another, and so on.


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