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Buy Living Wall Panels

Grow a living wall easily with Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters. Our hand-made planters are designed to use the micro fibers in PET felt so that all the plants are watered equally. The felt is made from recycled plastic bottles, a nylon non-toxic fiber that is indestructible and tough. This amazing material provides a safe growing medium that is pH neutral and non-reactive, so you can garden organically right on your wall - it's even safe for vegetables and herbs! Roots grow right into the felt, which comes alive thanks to the microbiology in the soil. Our planters come with our custom Root-Wrapping system. This lets you change and arrange your living wall at will, while maintaining the integrity of every plant in its own soil.

buy living wall panels

Plants On Walls is not responsible or liable for care and maintenance of plants used in our Florafelt Living Wall panels, Recirc Living Wall systems, Compact Kit or any other products related to Plants On Walls. Plants On Walls is not responsible or liable for water damage to interior or exterior of buildings, homes, or finishes due to misuse or accidental moisture dripping from plants, lack of maintenance of watering systems, or for any reason for moisture damage or loss due to damages of any kind.

Irrigation system connections can leak at any time therefore proper drainage and drip pans beneath all water connections must be provided. Plants On Walls is not responsible for loss of plant material, operation of irrigation systems or for any damage or labor costs incurred, or duress caused by irrigation systems used in our Living Wall panels and systems.

This agreement may be canceled by the customer by emailed notice to before midnight the third business day after customer has placed the order. If after that time customer wishes to terminate this contract, customer must give Plants On Walls three (3) days advance emailed notice. Plants On Walls will retain any monies paid by customer up to the effective date of any termination and is entitled to any expenses for materials or other expenses for preparation incurred by Plants On Walls.

Our lightweight Florafelt Pocket Panel living wall system uses soft felted pockets and wraps, a simple solution for living walls. Florafelt Pocket Panels have a rigid back covered in breathable felt. Unlike other products our unique patented system of folded felt pockets and wraps allows plants to grow in harmony with the system.

Our Florafelt Compact Living Wall Kit is designed for quick and easy DIY vertical gardening. Simply install and fill with your favorite plants. Group together for larger walls. A great project for families!

When you plant a living wall you are creating a living ecosystem. Plants grow together and morph into a complex forest. Unlike container gardening, Florafelt allows plants to forever expand into a living ecological biome because roots and microbiology become one with the system.

Florafelt Pockets stretch open to receive new plants in their native soil and are made with loosely woven materials folded by design to support plants, slow water flow, and invite oxygen to the roots. Roots move into the open fibrous materials to become a living matrix for life.

Our Florafelt Pockets come with our custom Root-Wraps made from the same loosely woven proprietary materials. This lets you change and arrange your living wall at will, while maintaining the integrity of every plant in its own soil that only gets better as it grows.

With a living wall, you can get creative and design a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your personal style and aesthetic. From selecting the plants and arranging them in a visually pleasing way, to choosing the right materials and colors for the planters and wall, the possibilities are endless. Not only will your living work of art add beauty to your space, but it will also bring a host of health benefits such as improved air quality and reduced stress.

With so many plant varieties, color options, and visual patterns, designing a green living wall may seem like an arduous task. In this video, Dr. Anna Droz shows that this process is actually very simple, intuitive, and a wonderful way to utilize both your imagination and your green thumb! She walks us through each step of the design: from concept, to plant selection and even installation and final results.

Green walls serve as therapeutic elements in your environment. Patients exposed to nature have demonstrated faster healing times, reduced need for medications, and increased levels of satisfaction with their care.

Living walls in the office environment help to connect employees with nature. This contributes to enhanced employee performance, stronger focus, increased creativity, improved attendance and retention.

Artificial boxwood and faux living walls have all the beauty and benefits of their live cousins without ongoing work or worries after installation. Shop online sizes or call for custom artificial greenery wall panels. Perfect for covering unattractive features such as air conditioners or accent walls that might otherwise appear bland, boring or unattractive. Add grace to condo and apartment complexes, offices, stores, commercial buildings, schools, arts venues and public spaces.

Plant varieties include artificial ivy walls and fake boxwood walls, as well as flower walls of azaleas and cypress/arborvitae types. Live boxwood is slow-growing and requires constant maintenance, but our realistic fake boxwood walls are thick and look like they've been growing for years. No watering, no maintenance - ever!

All of our outdoor artificial plant walls and lettering products are made inherently UV resistant to maintain their vivid green. Unlike coated UV treatment post manufacturing, our method ensures many years of protection and beauty while the competition fades and degrades. Our foliage showed NO visible color loss after a year of UV exposure equivalent to that of Miami Florida. They also enhance LEED ratings because they eliminate water and energy use.

Designers, architects and owners often assume adding green walls will be expensive, increase the likelihood of water damage and require extensive maintenance. All of those may be true, which makes artificial plants options a great alternative.

Ivy vines create a great look and are an enduring favorite, but can be invasive and damage building surfaces. Artificial ivy wall tiles ensure your vines "grow" only where you want them, rather than covering windows or other features that would require frequent trimming.

Our artificial boxwood wall options instantly provide this desirable, vibrant green plant in easy-to-install mats. Create a wonderful screen for anything from air conditioners or utility boxes to separate outdoor living spaces for condos, apartments, restaurants, or in any commercial or public setting.

We use only top grade, realistic plants for artificial living walls, attaching them to the frame with sturdy, matching green ties and steel "hog-rings". Artificial Ivy and boxwood walls come in standard sizes, or we will craft walls to your custom dimensions. Besides looking amazingly real, our faux living wall foliage has top UV resistance for each branch and leaf manufactured, rather than short-lived sprayed-on post manufacture UV coatings that last only a short time outdoors before fading, browning or rinsing off from sprinklers and rain.

Do you dream of living in a lush garden space? Surrounding yourself with greenery can be calming, but maintaining a sumptuous green area can quickly turn into a great hassle. Artificial living walls are the perfect combination of luxurious living without the stress of maintaining a perfect green space. Bring greenery into unusual places and add impeccable taste to many areas of your home.

The traditional living wall comes in squares in a variety of sizes that can be pieced together or used separately. Offering a touch of nature to urban environments in addition to privacy and sound absorption, an artificial living wall placed on a shared wall can block out the sights and sounds of a neighbor while covering unsightly wall spaces. Available in boxwood or traditional ivy these products feature fire retardant and UV resistant chemicals to keep it looking fresher longer, giving you a flawless look year round.

For more options or to cover a larger space, turn to rolls of artificial plants. These rolls are available in a variety of plant types and can be used as groundcover or to cover a large area of wall space. This azalea roll comes in three colors and can be easily installed in a variety of places and trimmed to fit the exact space. Rolled artificial hedges let your creativity bloom without sacrificing style, quality, or ease.

Artificial Living Wall Letters add yet another distinctive green wall element outside your business. Made as plush artificial boxwood lettering, flowering azalea, or sumptuous English Ivy foliage, these green topiary letters provide more than green space. They also increase modern corporate branding capability. Spell out your company name, logo, or a directional message for a truly unique application. Fire retardant and UV protected, giant topiary letters are perfect when placed at building entrances, restaurants or hotels, even city hall. They are maintenance free and spruce up dull building exteriors while increasing a sense of peaceful green living in an oh-so-Eco-friendly way. 041b061a72


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