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Best Place To Buy Hp Laptop

To evaluate which stores on this list were the best possible place to buy a laptop on the web, we personally bought laptops from each of them and recorded a series of metrics which fed into the overall performance score they received.

best place to buy hp laptop

This included the price of the laptop itself (compared to other sites at the time of purchase), the cost of shipping (to our testing facility located in Portland, Oregon), the amount of selection available, the most recently updated models added to the lineup, as well as the effectiveness of their customer service departments and the amount of time it took to receive our refund after the return process was complete.

Taking all of these different factors into consideration we were able to test and review many of the top portals and whittle down our options from around 12 different major stores on the web down to five. These five exemplify everything you should look for when you want to optimize your laptop buying experience, and represent the peak of buying a laptop online!

Shipping Insurance: Also, since we were shipping laptops which are both fragile and expensive, we wanted to make sure that all the stores chosen for this list offered some level of insurance that could be purchased during checkout. The last thing you want to open up your box to is a shattered screen or a busted hard drive with no option for recourse, especially if you just invested in a specialized model like a 2-in-1 gaming laptop.

Selection: This metric was measured in two separate areas: actual number of models they have in stock, as well as the frequency at which they update their stock with new models. Laptops are one of the fastest evolving technologies on the marketplace today, with bigger hard drives, better graphics cards, faster processors and higher-resolution webcams being added to them upwards of twice or three times per year. This means we only considered outlets that are constantly refreshing their available options, and made a special note to keep track of the number of laptops they would get in for each tech refresh.

Bottom Line: Though physical Best Buy stores have suffered from a major drop in quality in recent years, their online business continues to set a gold standard for laptop buying. The company offers a 15-day return policy with no restocking fees to be found, and also runs a robust search option that comes close to rivaling what we found at Newegg. The company offers a large number of available support options, however the one drawback we noticed was that our over-the-phone experience was more frustrating than it needed to be. Aside from that small complaint however, Best Buy easily glides into the #2 slot for our dollar as one of the best places to buy a laptop online today!

Before you decide which is the best HP laptop, you should establish what you need the laptop for. HP is a reliable brand, but each machine will have different strengths (and weaknesses) that could make all the difference to your experience.

The next step down would be the HP Envy range, which connects the professional and consumer markets. Featuring a number of x360 2-in-1 laptops, the Envy range is premium but with more accessible prices than the Spectres and Zbooks, as well as some impressive specs.

HP laptops span pretty much the entire range of price points, thanks to the wide range of different-spec laptops available. If you're on a tight budget, you can get HP entry-level laptops or HP Chromebook laptops for as low as 200/$250. Then you can work your way upward through the 130 or so models and variants available until you get to the beefiest HP Omen laptops, kitted out with all the processing power you'll need and the latest-generation graphics cards, which will set you back over 3,000/$2,500.

HP is one of the most experienced maker of laptops in the world, and has achieved that status on the back of making high-quality, reliable laptops for decades. HP is perhaps best known for its business laptops and computers, but with over 130 models available at the time of writing this, you can find anything from ultra-cheap laptops for school through everyday work and business models to creative powerhouses and specced-out gaming rigs capable of giving dedicated gaming brands a run for their money - if you know how to get the most out of them, that is.

I say that because HP is also known in recent years for downtuning its machines, in the name of battery life and durability. That means that creative professionals and gaming aficionados may sometimes find themselves a little disappointed with the top-level performance of HP laptops that they use. Thankfully, you can manually change those settings, if you know what you're doing, or alternatively take it to a computer expert who will do it for you. However, if you want optimum performance over battery life or long-term durability out of the box, you may need to add other brands to your shortlist.

The best HP laptops are well worth checking out, whether you want a reasonably priced device for casual use, a business-oriented device for work, or a full-on workstation for creative professional tasks such as 3D modelling and animation. Founded in 1939, Hewlett-Packard is a company associated with trust, reliability and quality. But its naming conventions aren't very illustrative or helpful, so it can be confusing to try and work out which is the right model for you.

To help you out, we've carefully curated a selection of the very best HP laptops, based on our own experience, expertise and hands-on reviews, as well as those of our sister sites and wider network of contacts.

HP makes some of our favorite laptops, but with so many models in its portfolio, it's difficult to determine which one to choose. From the premium Spectre line to the Omen gaming rigs, we've reviewed countless HP laptops. Below is a list of the best HP laptops in each category.

If you've settled on a business laptop, be sure to read our best HP EliteBook guide or our more general best business laptops rankings. Some of HP's best laptops are portable devices. For a broader selection, check out the best laptops around, along with which HP laptop is right for you. Want to see how well HP's customer service does? We've got you covered. HP makes a lot of great laptops, but we really like the Envy x360 and Envy 13. They might not be the best laptop in the lineup, but they offer the best value. If you can spend a bit more, the Spectre x360 13 and Spectre x360 14 are better laptops. Plus, business users who need more power should check out the Elite Dragonfly.CES 2023 is in full swing, and HP has announced a collection of laptops with the latest specs: from the HP Omen 17 with RTX 4090 power to a new HP Dragonfly G4 with 13th Gen Intel. We're even seeing the best gaming laptops of CES 2023 (so far). It appears HP will have a bundle of new best laptop contenders this year, so watch this site.

You won't believe the battery runtime on the HP Elite Dragonfly G3! According to our in-house testing, it lasted a whopping 14 hours and 20 minutes. A typical premium laptop lasts about 10 hours, so we were pleasantly surprised to see that the Elite Dragonfly G3 surpassed that threshold by more than four hours.

The HP Envy 13 is the best laptop for under $1,000 and one of the best 13-inch laptops on the market. While it still has a plastic touchpad, the Envy 13 is a fantastic value if you want the best laptop for less than four figures. What makes this such a great deal is its entirely aluminum design and the excellent 11th Gen Intel Core CPUs.

In our testing, we found that an Envy 13 with an Intel Core i5-1135G7 delivers fast performance for almost any task. This specific Envy costs just $900 and can outmuscle laptops that cost well over $1,000. Moreover, the Envy 13 has a bright, vivid 13.3-inch display and a comfortable keyboard. 041b061a72


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