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Garbage Truck Simulator: How to Run a Successful Waste Management Business

City Cleaning Company is looking for a responsible garbage truck driver who can help clean the city. They want someone who can pick up garbage as instructed and drop it at the Garbage Area. They are looking for someone who can drive safely and reach the collection points as soon as possible. Become the real hero of the city. Help your city be clean and tidy for all the world to come and visit. Are you ready for the challenge?

garbage truck simulator

The game is a level based game. There are 8 levels that get bigger and tougher as you complete your current levels. You have to pick up the garbage through the collection and point and drop it at the garbage area. The collection points increase as you complete the current level.

The compactor is hungry! 3D simulation game with authentic trucks and realtime destruction physics. Fill the compactor with garbage and keep pressing the button until everything has been smashed. Drive the truck from one stop to the next and collect every pile of garbage from the streets.

Looking for a garbage truck simulator. My son is obsessed with garbage trucks, and it'd be awesome to have a game where you can go around and pick up trash. Would need realistic pickup mechanics, so not just "Drive nearby a garbage can and it gets added." Would want to see the garbage can getting lifted into the truck.

Garbage Truck Simulator is a truck driving game in which you can put yourself in the shoes of a real waste collector. You can play this game online and for free on Drive your huge garbage truck through the city and collect trash from different containers to take it to the garbage area.

Try to complete every level within your limited time to unlock the next one. Select one of many different trucks to start your working day and go through all levels as fast as possible. Have fun with Garbage Truck Simulator!

Experience the thrill of being a garbage truck driver in this garbage truck simulator game. Your mission is to collect garbage cans and complete missions within a given time limit. Tune your truck, test your driving skills, and have fun!

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Best garbage truck simulator games

Step into the shoes of a garbage truck driver and embark on a challenging journey to keep the city clean. Drive through the streets, locate and collect the garbage cans scattered around. Be careful not to cause any accidents or damage the surroundings as you navigate the urban environment.

But that's not all! In addition to garbage collection, there are various missions that require you to drive to specific locations and park your truck within a designated spot within the given time. Can you handle the pressure and complete these tasks efficiently?

Customization is also a key feature of Garbage Truck Simulator. Modify your truck with different parts like wheels, spoilers, colors, suspension, and decals to give it a personal touch and make it stand out on the streets.

Garbage Truck Simulator is the follow-up to the original 2008 Garbage Truck Simulator and just like the original title it is a simulation about working at a city's garbage disposal. You start your company with a small truck and complete tasks. Collect trash, building rubble or toxic waste and bring it to the dump, or burn or recycle it. Every completed task will earn you money which you can then invest in new trucks to grow your company. The game includes five different trucks with detailed cockpits that let you roam the town freely.

Get ready for the niche-iest niche of them all, Excalibur Publishing have announced that they will be releasing Garbage Truck Simulator in the UK for English gamers. So get on board to start your own refuse business and keep the streets clean, literally. If you were one of those people that always wished that the mission in Grand Theft Auto IV with the garbage truck was a little longer, then you are going to love Garbage Truck Simulator.

Garbage Truck Simulator 2011 has come a long way from the original that never saw release in the UK, and boasts a comprehensive damage system, advertising deals for your trucks and five different models to purchase; this is one simulator that those of you that love a little bit of strange every now and again will find oddly addictive.

There are various simulation games and you might have gotten bored by playing the truck simulation or bus simulation games in which you will just have to do few things like you will have to drop the passengers at a certain destination or abide by the traffic rules. Apart from this they do not contain any exciting features but there is a new edition in the simulation games which is called the Trash Truck Simulator. It is an innovation in these games because there are no games with the concept of driving a trash truck. Because driving a Trash Truck is one of the hardest jobs as in this job you will have to clean the cities and pick all the garbage from the street in the truck and lead it towards the landfills or to the incineration tanks. During this game you will have to keep an eye on a lot of things because even if you left a piece of garbage on the street you might face the consequences. If you like the concept of this game then you can read this article for more information.

In this simulation game you will get a chance to clean your city as you will play the role of a Trash Truck driver in this game. In this game you will have to pick garbage from the streets and you will have to be careful that you pick all the garbage and not leave a Residue behind. During this game you will have to follow certain routes to clean the city and at the end of the game you will have to reach the factory so that you can get rid of the garbage. You will also have to take care of the timing because the waste treatment plant closes at a certain time.

It is the modified version of the trash truck simulator game. In this hacked version you will have unlimited money which means that you are free to upgrade your truck as well as the incineration tanks. If you invest in the incineration tanks you will be able to get rid of more garbage in a short time and by upgrading your vehicle you will get some special abilities. But in this modified version you are free to upgrade both of these things and you will also get rid of ads.

Trash truck simulator is a simulation game in which you will have to drive a trash truck and pick the garbage from the different parts of the cities. You will have to follow some roots in this game and clean all of them in order to earn money. At the end of the game you will have to reach the incineration tank and burn the whole garbage.

In this game you will have to make the choices of whether you want to upgrade the incineration tank or the trash truck. Both of these choices will be beneficial to you. If you upgrade the incineration tank then you will be able to get rid of the garbage easily but you will have to spend the money in order to upgrade the incineration tank.

Trash truck simulator is an amazing simulation game that will allow you to experience the job of a cleaner. In order to play this game with unlimited money and to upgrade the incineration tank as well as the truck you can download Trash Truck Simulator Mod APK.

Keep the streets clean and choose between 3 authentic garbage trucks with different sounds and compaction systems. Fill the compactor with trash and keep pressing the button until everything has been smashed. You can also download V Rising.


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