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Adrian Foster
Adrian Foster

Episode 1.1 Torrent

This episode was so bad I doubt if I will subject myself to another. The time I lost watching this was time I cannot get back. What a shame. I actually enjoyed the first half. Too bad they forgot to write an ending.

Episode 1.1 torrent

I want to download torrent specific files from large torrent I have written this code but it is showing the download status of 1 file in the colab but there are two files in the drive after the execution ends for example it is saying as in pictures that season 7 episode 3 is downloaded but in the drive there is also the second episode.Can anyone tell me why is this happening.

I couldnt find the debug file on synology. I am actually running XPEnology. but nzb is reading at a better quality. If a add a tag for the most common torrent such as 720p or kickass if that will even work as a tag would hat help?

This is what manual search brings up. on all series nzb is at the top of the search but my usenet wont download them since they are older so for older episodes I want transmission to handle those downloads. I dont want to have to (but will if its the only way) do manual search for each episode. I would like for the older episodes to do an auto search and grab the torrent and not the nzb regardless of quality.

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