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Vladimirec T25 A Pdf

Vladimirec T-25A: A Versatile Tractor for Small Farms

The Vladimirec T-25A is a tractor that was produced in the Soviet Union and later in Belarus and Russia. It is a small and simple machine that can perform a variety of tasks in agriculture, construction, and transportation. In this article, we will explore the history, features, and specifications of this tractor, as well as some sources where you can find its manuals in PDF format.

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History of the Vladimirec T-25A

The Vladimirec T-25A is based on the T-25 model, which was first manufactured in 1966 at the Kharkov Tractor Plant in Ukraine. The T-25 was designed to replace the older MTZ-5 and MTZ-7 tractors, which were too heavy and complex for small farms. The T-25 was a light and agile tractor that could work on various terrains and with different attachments. It had a four-cylinder diesel engine with 25 horsepower, a four-wheel drive system, and a six-speed gearbox. It also had a hydraulic system that allowed it to operate various implements, such as plows, harrows, cultivators, mowers, trailers, and loaders.

In 1972, the production of the T-25 was transferred to the Vladimir Tractor Plant in Russia, where it received the name Vladimirec. In 1973, a modified version of the T-25 was introduced, called the T-25A. The T-25A had a more efficient engine that reduced fuel consumption and emissions. It also had some improvements in the transmission, steering, brakes, and electrical system. The T-25A became the most popular model of the Vladimirec series, and was exported to many countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The production of the T-25A continued until 1991, when it was replaced by the T-30 model.

Features of the Vladimirec T-25A

The Vladimirec T-25A is a versatile tractor that can perform a wide range of tasks in small farms. Depending on the additional attachments, the tractor can be used for:

  • Preparing the soil for sowing and harvesting crops.

  • Performing road and construction works.

  • Working in gardens, greenhouses, and vineyards.

  • Serving as a power source for other machines.

  • Transporting goods and providing loading/unloading services.

The Vladimirec T-25A has a simple and reliable design that makes it easy to operate and maintain. It has a classic layout with the engine in front and the cabin behind. The rear axle is driven by larger wheels than the front ones. The tractor has a four-cylinder diesel engine with direct injection and water cooling. The engine has a power output of 18.4 kilowatts (25 horsepower) at 1600 revolutions per minute. The fuel tank has a capacity of 40 liters and can run for about 10 hours on one refill. The tractor has a six-speed gearbox with four forward and two reverse gears. The maximum speed of the tractor is 21.6 kilometers per hour (13.4 miles per hour) in sixth gear. The tractor has a hydraulic system that controls the three-point hitch and the power take-off shaft. The three-point hitch can lift up to 700 kilograms (1543 pounds) of weight and can be adjusted in height and depth. The power take-off shaft can rotate at 540 or 1000 revolutions per minute and can drive various implements.

The Vladimirec T-25A has a comfortable cabin that protects the driver from weather and noise. The cabin has a seat with springs and cushions, a steering wheel with power assistance, a dashboard with gauges and indicators, and a heater with ventilation. The cabin also has windows with wipers and washers, doors with locks and handles, and lights with switches. The tractor has a safety system that includes brakes with hydraulic boosters, parking brake with mechanical lock, clutch with safety device, horn with button, and emergency stop switch.

Specifications of the Vladimirec T-25A

The following table summarizes some of the main specifications of the Vladimirec T-25A:



Dimensions (length/width/height)

2.8-3/1.37-1.46/1.3 meters (9.2-9.8/4.5-4.8/4.3 feet)


1.5 tons (3307 pounds)

Engine type

Diesel, four-cylinder, direct injection, water-cooled

Engine power

18.4 kilowatts (25 horsepower) at 1600 rpm

Fuel tank capacity

40 liters (10.6 gallons)

Gearbox type

Mechanical, six-speed, four forward and two reverse

Maximum speed

21.6 km/h (13.4 mph) in sixth gear

Hydraulic system type

Open, with pump and distributor

Three-point hitch type

Category I, with height and depth adjustment

Lifting capacity of the three-point hitch

700 kg (1543 lb)

Power take-off shaft type

Independent, with clutch and brake

Power take-off shaft speed

540 or 1000 rpm

Sources of the Vladimirec T-25A Manuals in PDF Format

If you are looking for the manuals of the Vladimirec T-25A in PDF format, you can find some sources on the internet. Here are some examples:

- [Władimirec T-25A]: This is a collection of books about the Vladimirec T-25A in its original language, Belarusian. It also includes a manual in Polish that is widely available online. - [Tractor T-25: technical characteristics, description, and device reviews]: This is an article that provides a detailed overview of the Vladimirec T-25A and its features and specifications. It also has some photos and diagrams of the tractor. - [Vladimirec T25,T40 Traktor service manual + EPC Full]: This is a forum thread that offers a link to download the service manual and the electronic parts catalog of the Vladimirec T-25A and T-40 models. I hope this article was helpful and informative for you. Thank you for reading! ?


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