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Jonathan Kelly
Jonathan Kelly

Cafe Owner Simulator.torrent ((TOP))

You shouldn't expect to run a real cafe, instead you run a fast food restaurant that also sells coffee. The game does nothing fundamentally wrong, but also nothing fundamentally right. If you want to build up a restaurant, there are definitely better games. Who really has all the good games through, can look at this average game for 19 euros, but the game is much too expensive. You shouldn't spend more than 10 Euros, especially considering the rather short playing time.

Cafe Owner Simulator.torrent

Warnet Simulator is a free-to-play casual game that puts you in the shoes of an Internet cafe owner and attendant. In this simulation game from Andy Lukito, you get to set up the PC units, serve customers, and make sure everything in your shop runs as it should.

The chef will develop a delicious and nutritious menu that will contain from 5 unique items per week, and will also prepare the necessary products and resources. The authors of the project provided for the function of concluding employment contracts with employees who will work hard for their boss. In order for the motivation of employees not to fall, they need to constantly pay bonuses. Over time, subject to successful business management, the player will be able to expand his cafe, build a cozy hotel near it, and also create a beautiful square for entertaining and relaxing his customers. 041b061a72


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