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Our Mission

The Survive Foundation strives to be a light in the world. With the involvement of the community, we set our focus on battling the world's problem of hunger. Together, with love, we unite arm to arm as a family to help our neighbors in underserved communities and those who suffer from homelessness. Always remembering, that with faith anything is possible, and we can change the world.

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Our Process

The Survive Foundation is an organization that understands the power of a community working together to reach goals. Our process consists of three stages that leads up to the service we have to offer.

Food Donation Pick-Up

Thanks to the community and our partners, we are able to have access to different selections of food and meals. The Survive Foundation goes through a process of deciding which food items would provide our community members with the best nutrients and hydration. We commonly serve sandwiches, fruits, veggies, a variety of snacks, and a drink.

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Preparation of Meals

At Survive, we are committed to preparing and handling all food items with respect and care. With appropriate sanitary measures in place, we prepare the food and put together each bag with love.

Meal Delivery

We head out into the community with our meals and provide them to any community members who need them. Our delivery system consists of driving to areas where we commonly see those in need and continue to search for those who need a helping hand.

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This is your chance to put a smile on someone's face, and help a neighbor in need. Never underestimate what a donation of any size can make.

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